Professional Development opportunities in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

iSafe Use in KPBSD

The iSafe curriculum was piloted in nine schools during the spring of 2011.  Beginning in the fall of 2011, all certified teachers were required to participate in a minimum of 2 hours of inservice on important aspects of online safety.  The material for this training was from the iLearn Online within the website.  Users were required to create an account and log in.  This gave them access to not only the professional development modules (in which there are 4+ hours worth) but also the curriculum to be shared with their students.

All training was required to be completed by December 16th, 2011.  Student education focusing on online safety was to have started by January 15th, 2012.  All students, K-12 in the KPBSD will have received specific curriculum aligned to their grade level.

Although we haven’t explored this in great detail, there is a section within that is geared to the parents.  Parents are encouraged to create their own accounts using a personal email address.  After logging in, parents have access to curriculum materials as well as training on specific online safety concerns.

KPBSD has chosen to purchase the GOLD subscription.  Therefore, educators/classroom teachers have access to a wide variety of materials, above and beyond the minimum outlined by the e-rate subscription.

Educators, students and parents are encouraged to explore the further and become familiar with all the resources that are available to them.

Let us know what you think about the KPBSD focusing on Online Safety for their students.

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